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Workplace discrimination against cancer patients and survivors

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | Blog


There is good news for cancer patients: Cancer survival rates are at an all-time high. But dealing with cancer is no easy task. Cancer patients must endure physical pain, aggressive treatment plans, emotional ups and downs and so much more.

Many people with cancer want to continue working during and after cancer treatment. Unfortunately, many cancer patients and survivors are subject to discrimination at work on the basis of their medical condition or disability. After going through so much, patients and survivors deserve much more than workplace harassment and discrimination.

Some examples of discrimination against cancer patients may include:

  • Demoting an employee because of a cancer diagnosis
  • Failing to allow for time off for treatment
  • Failing to accommodate other needs of a cancer patient employee
  • Asking a job applicant if he or she has cancer
  • Disclosing information about the employee’s diagnosis or condition to other employees

There are many other examples of discrimination against people with cancer. It is important to remember that employees are protected by state and federal law. Get more information about cancer and employee rights:

Employers cannot discriminate or retaliate against an employee for having cancer or for having had cancer. However, these laws may not apply to employers with fewer than 15 employees. Additionally, an employer may not have to accommodate an employee’s accommodations if doing so would cause undue hardship, in terms of difficulty or expense. Other unique circumstances may apply so it is advisable to speak to an employment attorney about where you work and what you have experienced.

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