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Ex-University of California employee settles harassment suit

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | Sexual Harassment

A former employee of the University of California has settled her sexual harassment lawsuit with the school. According to the woman’s case, her abuser — who was the law school dean from the university at the time — subjected her to almost daily sexual harassment that included hugging and kissing. Eventually, the woman escaped the harassment by using her own sick days and vacation time.

The law school dean, as a part of the settlement, will give $50,000 to charities chosen by the woman, and $50,000 to her lawyers. The former dean, who already resigned from his position as dean, has also agreed to resign from the University of California faculty at the end of May 2018, and after that time, he will not be present on campus.

In conjunction with the settlement agreement, the woman agreed to recognize and appreciate the efforts taken by the university to curb instances related to sexual harassment through prevention and training. She also agreed that she is pleased with the university’s efforts to reexamine its sexual harassment policies. She said that she hopes the progress continues.

The woman was not a part of the deal made between her harasser and the university, so she was permitted to speak freely on the matter. According to her lawyer, the she did not agree with the private deal. Her lawyer said that she feels the benefits and package provided to the ex-dean are “outrageous.”

This case highlights the fact that the victims of sexual harassment can fight back in California. They can bring their sexual harassment to a halt, and seek just compensation for the injuries the sexual harassment has caused them.

Source:, “Former law dean, UC Berkeley settle sexual harassment suit,” Lance Knobel, April 17, 2017

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