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Did your employer refuse to let you have a lunch break?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2017 | Wage And Hour Laws

Let’s say you went to work on time every day for the last three months in a row. You even worked a massive amount of hours in overtime. The problem is, while you were working, your employer refused to let you have periodic meal breaks and rest periods. You have been left exhausted and working under tough conditions.

So many Los Angeles workers are unfamiliar with employment laws and the protections these laws offer them. For example, did you know that rest periods and meal breaks for workers are mandatory in a lot of cases?

Let’s take a look at what California law ensures that employees receive:

— For every four hours you work, you should receive a 10-minute break. Also, if you worked at least 3.5 hours in one shift, you are entitled to get a rest break.

— Rest breaks should fall in the middle of the work period.

— Rest breaks are paid.

— No working is permitted during rest breaks.

— Employees are free to work through their rest breaks should they desire.

— Thirty-minute meal breaks are provided when a worker is on duty for over 5 hours in one day.

— If you work no more than 6 hours, you can skip your meal break.

— You won’t get paid for your meal break, but you can ask for an on-duty, paid meal break from your employer, if your employer agrees.

— If you’re working more than 10 hours per day, you can receive a second 30-minute meal break, which may be skipped as long as your work period doesn’t exceed 12 hours.

— Your boss must ensure that your receive your appropriate break and that you do not work during your meal break.

Do you think your rest period and meal break rights have been violated or ignored by your employer? This is unfair and the Bononi Law Group, LLP, can help. Our staff of employment law attorneys can represent you in a legal action to ensure that you receive just treatment under the law from your employer.

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