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Bill O’Reilly accused by another alleged sexual harassment victim

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Sexual Harassment

Twenty-First Century Fox plans to investigate Bill O’Reilly regarding sexual harassment complaints made against him by a Los Angeles radio personality. Radio show host Dr. Wendy Walsh says that O’Reilly revoked a job opportunity following her refusal to meet him in his hotel room. O’Reilly has denied the claims.

According to Walsh’s attorney, the radio personality isn’t asking for money. She just wants accountability. She said that she met O’Reilly for a dinner at a hotel four years ago. The meeting was to function as a job interview. In order to stay professional, she wore a black dress that went down below her knees and she only drank a single glass of wine.

At the time, the woman was hopeful that O’Reilly would be her future boss. Instead of telling her she had the job, however, he allegedly invited her to his hotel room. When she refused, she said that O’Reilly’s compliments morphed into criticisms and she soon realized she wasn’t going to get the job. Allegedly, O’Reilly’s response to her refusal to go back to his hotel room was, “You think I’m going to attack you or something?”

During a Washington Post interview, Walsh said that the indignity of the experience continues to haunt her. She further commented to the effect that her heart goes out to the many women who are forced to put up with far worse examples of sexual harassment because they’re afraid of losing their careers.

No woman in Los Angeles or any other part of the United States should ever have to put up with sexual abuse, sexual harassment or unwanted sexual advances from an employer or a potential employer. If you’ve been mistreated in this fashion, the law is on your side. You can fight back for justice and financial restitution in court.

Source: Washington Post, “Fox to investigate Los Angeles radio host’s sexual harassment claims against Bill O’Reilly,” Danielle Paquette, April 10, 2017

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