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Vice president at Uber resigns over sexual harassment allegations

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | Sexual Harassment

A top executive from Uber, Ed Baker, who formerly held the position of Vice President of Product and Grown, has resigned from his position after over three years with the company. The resignation comes amidst news of his possible involvement in sexual harassment allegations.

Baker began his employment with Uber after the ride-sharing app purchased Baker’s dating application, in 2011. Now, his departure coincides complaints from Uber employees about his questionable behavior, which might constitute as sexual harassment. At this time, Uber has been conducting a wide-spread investigation to determine the extent to which sexism and sexual harassment pervade the company. Among the allegations at the center of the investigation is an anonymous tip about Baker, alerting management that the man was sexually active with a fellow employee.

Some say that the encounter with the fellow employee and Baker was consensual. Nevertheless, it is unknown what Uber’s internal employee guidelines say about interoffice romances. Some companies prohibit them altogether, while other companies require that interoffice relationships be disclosed.

Baker is the second top executive to resign from his position since company began its company-wide sexual harassment investigations. Last week, another senior vice president, Amit Singhal, was asked to resign after Uber discovered he failed to disclose a prior sexual harassment investigation brought against him by Google, his ex-employer. In addition to the above, an ex-engineer from Uber published salient allegations against the company, claiming that Uber fosters a corporate culture of sexism and harassment against women.

No employee in California or the rest of the United States should ever have to endure the emotional discomfort and turmoil of sexual harassment. If you or a loved one is being subjected to sexual harassment or any kind of abuse on the job, you put the abuse to a stop immediately, and you may be able to seek financial compensation in court.

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