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Sexual harassment: University California medical centers accused

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2017 | Sexual Harassment

The University of California boasts five medical centers renowned for their top-level medical services, research and training programs. However, these medical centers have been accused of fostering a work environment that’s fraught with sexual harassment and sexual misconduct.

Last week, the University of California released public records to the media that revealed nine instances of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. The records indicate that most of those who engaged in harassment were co-workers of their victims, but in some cases they were supervisors. The allegations related to unwanted touching and inappropriate comments. All the allegations were made by employees, and none were made by students.

The University of California Davis bars employees from committing sexual harassment and violence against other employees. It also maintains a sexual harassment training program that all employees must complete.

According to a Stanford University law professor, sexual harassment, in general, is ruining lives and severely impacting lives of employees. The law professor said that colleges and universities are not doing what needs to be done to stop sexual harassment, even though they’ve had the ability to do so.

At the University of California as a whole, approximately 40 out of 113 sexual harassment report records happened at UC hospitals and medical centers. The records were from January 2013 to April 2016.

Any California medical facility employee — regardless of his or her gender — could become the victim of sexual harassment. These victims need to know that the legal system is on their side. By consulting with an employment law attorney, victims can put a stop to their sexual harassment and seek financial restitution in court.

Source: KQED, “Sexual Harassment, Misconduct Also Plague UC Medical Centers,” Ana Tintocalis, March 06, 2017

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