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University pays $1.15 million in sexual assault case

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2017 | Sexual Harassment

A woman has settled her 2015 claim of sexual assault with the University of California Santa Cruz. According to the claim, which the woman filed with the UCSC Regents in 2015, a USCS professor wooed her with wine and sexually assaulted her. The university has settled the claim for $1.15 million. However, in settling the matter, it hasn’t admitted to any kind of negligence relating to the incident.

In the woman’s claims, she alleged that the university knew that the professor in question had a history of being a sexual predator. In fact, she claimed that the university was aware of the professor’s predatory actions for years before her incident occurred. She also said that the professor had a reputation for inviting students to bars to have beer and once held his class in a bar.

In its defense, UCCS says it investigated the professor’s actions as soon as it received the woman’s sexual assault claims. Further, the university said that it removed the professor from campus when it had sound reason to do so. Later, the university secured the professor’s resignation and he is no longer employed by the institution. Still, the university did not answer the allegations it failed to act on previous complaints of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

When sexual harassment and sexual assault occur in California, it is the duty of victims to report these incidents immediately. Whether it’s on-the-job sexual harassment or sexual assault committed by a relative or friend, when victims come forward, it prevents others from being victimized by the same abuser again. In cases of workplace sexual harassment and abuse, victims can make the harassment stop and seek financial restitution in court. They can also do so without fear of losing their jobs

Source: The Mercury News, “UC Santa Cruz settles sexual assault case for $1.15 million,” Ryan Masters, Feb. 01, 2017

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