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Wrongful termination checklist: Were you fired for these reasons?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2017 | Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination happens when an individual is fired from his or her job for the wrong reasons. California state law and federal law protect workers from being fired for specific reasons. If the terminated employee can show that he or she was fired for one of these reasons, then a wrongful termination claim can be made.

If you believe that you have been fired for any reasons listed below, you may have the ability to seek financial restitution in court:

— Getting fired after filing a workplace discrimination claim: If you filed a claim or complaint about being subjected to on-the-job discrimination, it is unlawful for your employer to fire you out of retaliation. Although you might have expected such a result from an unscrupulous and immoral employer, this is a clear case of wrongful termination that can be rectified in court.

— Getting fired after filing a workplace sexual harassment claim: Sexual harassment is unlawful and employees have the right to put a stop to it without the fear of losing their jobs. If an employee is terminated after complaining of such abuse, he or she can seek legal protection under the law.

— Getting fired after becoming pregnant: Pregnancy is a natural human condition, and it is the most beautiful human condition that exists. However, some unscrupulous employers will terminate a woman who becomes pregnant because they believe she will no longer be able to perform her job duties. This is wrong. Pregnant women have specific rights and can seek legal protection from wrongful termination.

— Other circumstances under which an employee cannot be fired, including: After an employee filed for time off due to a medical condition; after an employee reported an employer’s legal infringements or environment law violations; getting fired for being a specific race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion; or getting fired for supporting a co-worker’s legal claim concerning any of the above reasons.

In order to assert your employee right to be free of wrongful termination, it may be necessary to file an employment lawsuit. At the Bononi Law Group, we are available to talk to California employees about their potential wrongful termination claims to determine their best courses of action in this regard.

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