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Did your employer offer you a severance package – after illegally laying you off?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2017 | Wrongful Termination


Did your employer use a reduction in force as an excuse to fire you for an illegal reason? Did your employer offer you a severance package?

A severance package does not make discrimination okay. Money does not negate illegal activity. Your employer can be held responsible for discrimination. And you may be eligible for compensation.

Here are some key factors that may indicate that your employer violated the law:

  1. You found out that you were being laid off from your job due to downsizing or a reduction in force
  2. You suspect that your layoff has something to do with discrimination or the fact that you brought a claim against your employer in the past
  3. Your employer offered you a low severance package

Company layoffs are a reality. Often, the reasons for laying employees off are legitimate. But sometimes employers will use a reduction in force to illegally discriminate against certain employees. They use a layoff as a convenient excuse to get rid of certain employees.

If your boss offers you a severance package, you may be tempted to take it. But if something seems off, it is advisable to investigate what has happened and speak to an employment law attorney.

Remember: It is illegal for your employer to discriminate against you or retaliate against you. Your employer cannot use a lay off as an excuse to illegally fire you – even if you are offered a severance package.

Before you accept a severance package, talk to an employment law attorney from Bononi Law Group. Call us at 213-550-5503. You deserve to learn about your full scope of legal rights and options.

For more information on this issue, read our white paper: Downsizing and Discrimination: An Illegal Combination.

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