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On-the-job gender discrimination is not a myth

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination

An unfortunate perspective continues to persist in the United States, and it is even believed by many employers and workers. It’s the idea that gender discrimination is a “myth.” It’s the idea that on-the-job sexism isn’t real.

The fact is that millions of women are dealing with pay inequity, sexual harassment at the workplace and many other subtle and not-so-subtle aspects of gender discrimination. Nevertheless, writers and so-called “thought leaders” continue to write and publish articles that promote the idea that gender discrimination isn’t real by citing polls that say men and women have the same level of job satisfaction, for example.

However, even in the case of men and women saying that they are equally satisfied with their jobs, there is no information in these studies that show the other side of the matter: Why are men and women dissatisfied when the dissatisfaction occurs? Reasons for dissatisfaction in the case of women very well could have higher numbers relating to gender bias, whereas for men the reasons are likely to be for other non-gender-related issues.

The fact is that even if there is only one woman on earth who is experiencing sexual discrimination at her workplace, that discrimination would still be unlawful, and that woman would be able to seek protection on the job. As such, articles that try to claim that sexual discrimination is no longer a problem are completely unimportant when it comes to an individual worker’s individual on-the-job experience regardless of what sex, gender identity, race, national origin, religion or other characteristics the employee has.

Those who are being discriminated against, in any way, in a Los Angeles workplace can make the discrimination stop. They can seek financial restitution for the damages caused by workplace discrimination by filing an employment law claim in court.

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