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2 primary types of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2016 | Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in Los Angeles workplaces primarily takes two different forms. First, we have quid pro quo sexual harassment. Second, we have hostile work environment sexual harassment. Both these types of sexual harassment are difficult and damaging for their victims to endure. Let’s take a look at each of these categories more closely so you can better identify them when they happen.

Quid pro quo sexual harassment refers to an authority figure sexually harassing subordinates with the understanding that the sexual harassment must be endured if the subordinates want to keep their job benefits, keep their job, obtain a promotion or get a raise. Under the law, quid pro quo sexual harassment only needs to happen one time in order for a claim to be made. An example of this kind of abuse might involve a supervisor demanding a kiss in order for the subordinate to keep his or her job.

Hostile work environment sexual harassment usually involves a pattern of sexually harassing behavior that is unwelcome. The pattern of behavior will create a work environment that is offensive or abusive for the victims. In order to prove a hostile work environment claim, courts will usually look for patterns of repeated behavior relating to:

— Frequently harassing conduct

— Verbal or physical abuse

— Hostile and/or offensive abuse

— Behavior coming from co-workers or supervisors

— Harassment coming from one or multiple persons

Every Los Angeles sexual harassment case is different. Therefore, each must be examined individually to determine its merits and whether a viable claim can be made. If you are currently being sexually harassed on the job, you may want to reach out to an employment law firm, such as Bononi Law Group, to determine if you can stand up for your rights and seek financial restitution in court.

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