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Retaliations and wrongful termination in California

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2016 | Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination lawsuits fall under a lot of different categories. For example, a California resident might be terminated from his or her employment as form of gender, age or racial discrimination. Wrongful termination as a form of retaliation could also occur for a variety of reasons. When an employee is terminated out of retaliation, he or she may be able to fight the termination in court to either preserve his or her employment or seek financial compensation for damages caused by the termination.

According to the law, California employees are protected from retaliatory termination under a variety of conditions. For example, employees who have filed discrimination or sexual harassment claims are protected from being fired for doing so. Similarly, employees are protected from being fired for reporting an environmental violation. Also, claimants cannot be terminated for backing up the discrimination, harassment and other complaints made by a coworker.

In addition to the above, workers cannot be terminated because they became pregnant or because they asked for time off through the Family and Medical Leave Act. Nor can they be terminated out of retaliation for expressing their sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, race, gender identity or gender.

California residents should remember that the above protections are federal laws, but they will also receive further protections under more local state legislations. They should also remember that in the state of California, all employees are “at-will” employees, meaning that employers can terminate their workers whenever they want and they do not need to give an explanation. That said, they cannot fire employees for any reason they choose as shown above.

At the Bononi Law Group, we have helped countless California residents assert their employment rights, save their jobs and obtain financial compensation for damages relating to retaliatory compensation. If you or your loved one has been wrongfully terminated, know that help is immediately available.

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