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Recognizing race discrimination in the workplace

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2016 | Race Discrimination


Race discrimination in the workplace is a problem that affects employees of businesses of all sizes. While there are many examples of blatant and obvious race discrimination, often it is more subtle.

In either case, discrimination at work based on race or ethnicity (or perceived race or ethnicity) is illegal and wrong.

Recognizing race discrimination in the workplace is the first step in protecting your rights as an employee. Here are some examples of actions and behavior that may warrant taking legal action:

  • Making racist comments or jokes
  • Name calling
  • Hiring someone based on race
  • Firing, demoting or disciplining someone based on race
  • Paying employees of a certain race or ethnicity less
  • Asking an interview candidate his or her race/ethnicity
  • Discriminating against an employee because of his or her association with individuals of a certain race/ethnicity

Keep in mind: Discrimination in the workplace may be unintentional. But that does not make it okay. Workplace discrimination based on race is illegal. The law protects victims of all races – even Caucasians (this is often referred to as reverse discrimination). It is important to hold employers responsible when they fail to correct the situation.

If your employer is refusing to take action to stop the discrimination, you should talk to an employment law attorney. Call the Pasadena law office of Bononi Law Group at 213-550-5503. We offer a free consultation.

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