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Is your termination a breach of contract?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2016 | Wrongful Termination

If you have an employment contract and your employer lets you go, it’s important to understand if that termination breached the contract. If it did, you have a potential case for wrongful termination because of a breach of contract. It can be difficult to understand if a provision of the contract was breached in some cases, which makes it a good idea to seek professional assistance in reviewing your case.

You can ask yourself some questions to help determine if your employer might have breached a contract when they let you go. First, you obviously have to know whether or not you were working under a contract agreement. Did you sign a contract when you started the job? Do you have a copy of that document so you can review it now? If you do have a contract, is there any verbiage about when and how the employer can discontinue your services?

If you didn’t sign a specific employment contract but you have some other proof of a job guarantee, you might be able to file a breach of contract claim. Many employers publish employee handbooks, requiring employees to sign that they received and agree with the information inside. If you signed such an agreement and the handbook details termination reasons and procedures, you might be able to claim it as a contract of sorts. If you were terminated outside of the provisions of the handbook, you might be able to claim wrongful termination.

Although they are harder to prove, verbal guarantees can constitute contracts. If you believe your job was somehow protected by any of these things, consider speaking with a lawyer to see if you have a basis for a wrongful termination case.

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