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Dealing with a wage or overtime dispute

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2016 | Wage And Hour Laws

You expect your Los Angeles employer to pay you in full and on time every month. You also expect to be compensated for any overtime that you work. Unfortunately, there are times when this does not happen. There are times when you run into some sort of trouble, such as an employer that refuses to pay overtime.

Even with state and federal laws in place, wage and overtime disputes continue to move to the forefront. While some employees overlook this, as they don’t want to rock the boat, others come to the conclusion that they will fight for what they deserve.

The first thing you need to do is determine if you have a valid claim. From there, you can decide if you are in position to pursue recovery under federal or state law.

There are times when a company knowingly avoids paying a person overtime. There are also situations in which an employer does this by mistake. For example, they may believe that workers in management positions are always exempt.

If you want to file a claim, you may need to do so as an individual. However, if you work for a larger company, it may be possible to join a class action wage and hour lawsuit.

Do you have any questions about wage and overtime disputes? Are you concerned that you are being taken advantage of? You can reach out to us online or via phone for more information and advice. Furthermore, our website and blog is a great place to begin your search for assistance. Don’t let your employer scam you any longer.

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