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Survey: Women in tech industry face sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2016 | Sexual Harassment

While Silicon Valley technology firms have implemented diversity initiative, a report from NBC News says that sexual harassment is still a problem. Over 200 women were surveyed by NBC News. The results were published in a report titled “Elephant in the Valley. The author of the study was a partner at a venture capital firm and a market research consultant.

The report says that 60 percent of the women who were surveyed reported that they had faced “unwanted sexual advances. Of those women, 65 percent said that the sexual advances came from a superior.

One survey respondent said, “I was propositioned by a hiring manager early in my career when I was a job candidate. He clearly indicated that if I slept with him, he would make sure I was promised as his ‘second in command’ as he moved up the ladder in the company.”

Sexual harassment is against the law, but many victims do not report it. They may be afraid of losing their jobs or of some other type of retaliation in the workplace — these actions are also against the law.

Those who suffered sexual harassment at work do have options available. First, they should report the harassment to a superior or to human resources. If no action is taken, then he or she has a right to file a lawsuit seeking damages.

Many times, sexual harassment cases can become a battle of “he said, she said.” However, if you keep a written account of what transpired, including when you attempted to report the harassment, this can help you and your attorney build a stronger case.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “60 Percent of Women in Tech Face Sexual Harassment: Survey,” Jan. 11, 2016

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