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Bonnoni Law Group represents employees in 2012 class action

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2015 | Class Action And Wage Claims

The attorneys at Bononi Law Group are frequently in the news. For example, back in 2012, lawyers from the firm represented employees of Panda Express in a class action lawsuit against the fast food company, charging that Panda had violated labor law by failing to provide accurate wage statements.

The settlement, reported to be $800,000, was reached when Panda agreed to pay penalties for not providing pay period dates on worker paychecks. Failing to provide this information violates California labor law. The settlement covered about 10,000 workers employed at the restaurant chain from August 2009 through August 2010.

The employee who began the suit, Patricia Pelton, also claimed that she had experienced harassment and wrongful termination. When the lawsuit was moved to California federal court in November 2010, she dropped the individual claims.

Under the law, Panda Express could have been liable for a much higher penalty – as much as $17 million. The $800,000 settlement was reached during mediation, according to news reports.

Panda did not dispute the claim that their paychecks did not include pay period dates. The dispute was about the amount of the penalty to be paid employees. Panda corrected its pay checks once the lawsuit was filed.

The plaintiffs were represented by three attorneys from Bononi Law Group: William .S. Waldo, Peter C. Flanderka and Anna S. Kelsen.


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