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Wrongful termination related to pregnancy

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination

Many employees are unfamiliar with the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. This is particularly true among male workers and those who have no plan of becoming pregnant.

As a pregnant woman, you must be aware of your rights in the workplace. Remember, just because you are pregnant does not mean you should be treated differently.

While most employers understand this, there are some that discriminate against pregnant employees. This can mean many things, including terminating the employment of a pregnant woman.

It is illegal for an employer to refuse to hire a woman because she is pregnant. This holds true as long as she is physically able to perform the responsibilities of the job. Furthermore, a woman who becomes pregnant while on the job cannot be terminated as a result.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act is also in place to forbid pregnancy discrimination related to job assignments, pay, layoffs, promotions, benefits and training.

Aany health insurance that an employer provides to workers must cover expenses related to pregnancy on the same basis as those for other medical conditions.

A woman who becomes pregnant should not have to worry that this will have a negative impact on her career. An employee cannot be terminated because of a pregnancy. Additionally, a company cannot refuse to hire a person because she is pregnant.

Pregnant women are often caught up in so many details that they overlook their employment rights. It is important to understand that wrongful termination related to pregnancy is illegal. This ensures that an employer does not get away with something that should be avoided at all costs.

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