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Didn’t receive full compensation? You have legal options

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2015 | Wage And Hour Laws

California employers often try to pinch pennies in as many ways as possible — but some of those frugal measures violate the law. This is particularly true when it comes to wage laws and the misclassification of employees and independent contractors. If your employer tried to save some money by refusing to provide you with your last paycheck after termination, you might have grounds to seek additional compensation.

Most of us know someone who didn’t receive compensation upon quitting a job. This problem affects blue- and white-collar workers alike, with many companies willfully failing to pay wages to their employees in a timely manner after termination. Companies must comply with strict legal guidelines with regards to termination pay in the state of California, and you deserve to know your rights.

If you quit your job without giving prior notice — totally legal, since California is an at-will employment state — you must be paid your wages within 72 hours of leaving the job. Employees who give at least 72 hours’ notice must be provided with their termination pay at the time that they quit. Employees may request that final wage payments be sent through the mail to a permanent address. In those cases, the date of mailing is considered to be the date of the payment.

Employers do not have the right to withhold your final wages, no matter the situation that arises. All too many California residents walk away from a job only to find out that they have been undercompensated by a thieving company. You have rights, and you can hold your former employer accountable for their failure to pay your wages and unused vacation time. Our team has a strong history when it comes to obtaining payment from dishonest employers. You deserve only the best when it comes to pursuing the compensation you have fairly earned.

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