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Woman seeks $13 million in California wrongful termination suit

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2015 | Wrongful Termination

A 31-year-old woman has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit for the amount of $13 million against her former boss, a Hollywood investor, after he allegedly fired her for incompetence. The woman, who was pregnant, was reportedly just six weeks away from her due date when she was let go from her job.

In a case of “she said, he said,” the woman claims in court documents that although she was initially hired as an assistant to oversee the 41-year-old man’s Los Angeles residence, she was allegedly used instead as a form of bait to help the man attract other women who were as attractive as she was. According to court documents, the 31-year-old stated that she was so scared of losing her job that paid $90,000 a year, she even went so far as to allow her employer to snort cocaine from her exposed breasts while in the presence of others just so that she could keep her job.

Her boss, on the other hand, maintains that her accusations against him are untrue and that instead, the woman allegedly ran up bills on his credit cards, put mileage on his Cadillac Escalade and even went so far as to attempt to gain kickbacks from some of the real estate deals he was involved in. In his own court documents, he states that she was fired for incompetence and has asked for a judge to enforce a nondisclosure agreement.

Individuals who have worked in California could have valuable legal rights and be eligible for compensation if they have been wrongfully terminated.

Source: The New York Post, “Assistant: ‘My job was to be my boss’s wicked-hot wing woman’” Kathianne Boniello, Mar. 08, 2015

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