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How to pinpoint workplace discrimination and harassment

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination

When it comes to workplace discrimination and harassment, many people have a difficult time understanding their rights.

It is important that you know how to pinpoint workplace discrimination, ensuring that you are able to fight back in the event that you become a victim. While most people never have to concern themselves with this, some are put in a difficult position on a regular basis.

California is known as an at-will state, meaning that employers have the right to fire a worker for no reason. Even so, there are state and federal laws in place to protect workers against discrimination and harassment.

Some of the most common forms of workplace discrimination include:

— Gender

— Race

— Disability

— Sexual orientation

— Pregnancy

— Age

— Medical condition

— National origin

— Religion

— Military service

Your employer is not permitted to discriminate against you based on any of the details above. For example, if you identify as gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual, that is your right. This should have nothing to do with your employment, and your company is not allowed to discriminate against you for your decision.

If you understand the finer details associated with illegal workplace discrimination, you will know if you are ever the victim of such behavior.

For more information, including detailed advice and guidance, don’t hesitate to read through the many pages of our website dedicated to this topic. You can begin your search on our “Los Angeles Employment Discrimination Lawyers” webpage. It is here that you will find plenty of information pertaining to workplace discrimination and harassment.

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