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Serious Wrongful Termination Claim Filed Against Largest Auto Retailer

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2015 | Wrongful Termination

The country’s largest auto dealer, AutoNation, has been sued by two employees for a number of claims including wrongful termination, sexual harassment, retaliation, unfair business practices and wage and hour violations. Two men were fired from AutoNation for allegedly not participating in trips to the strip club, illicit drug use and other inappropriate acts.

The former employees allege that AutoNation supervisors routinely encourage employees to join them at California strip clubs. When the two men refused, they were harassed, ignored and denied promotions. The men also allege that their employer forced them to engage in sexual conduct at the strip clubs and tried to get them to take drugs and drink at work and company-sponsored events.

Additionally, the former employees claim that AutoNation has a history of discriminating against gay employees, as evidenced by recent lawsuits against the company, and that one of the former employees was harassed and terminated for being gay. The two employees were fired by AutoNation following an especially derogatory text message from the store manager that said that to “…get that ‘homo’ out of the store.”

If true, the allegations against AutoNation may result in even more lawsuits. The two men claim that AutoNation not only made derogatory comments to them, but also to other employees and customers. The allegations of misconduct by supervisors at AutoNation could prove especially damaging if they are combined with email evidence and witness accounts.

Source: Courthouse News “Strip Clubs Were Part of the Job,” Tish Kraft, 12/14/2011

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