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Details come out at wrongful termination hearing.

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2015 | Wrongful Termination

When an employee is fired, he or she may agree that it was merited. More often, employees believe that the firing was unjustified and convey that view in no uncertain terms to their former bosses. In some cases, they may decide to make a formal claim that they were fired without justification, going the legal route and filing a wrongful termination lawsuit. However, those suits are not one-sided. Typically, the employer who did the firing has his or her own contentions to make about the situation, resulting in a heated battle in court.

That is proving to be the case in a recent wrongful termination suit, in which dramatic details are being revealed each day of the courtroom proceedings. The case centers on a woman who had worked as a supervisor at a county jail. She was terminated from that position by the sheriff because of what was called “gross misconduct.”

According to witnesses, she made a derogatory remark about an inmate that was of a particularly inappropriate nature to a shift sergeant. She is also said to have ordered a hit on the inmate, according to another one who claimed she told a man named Wade to “take care of him.”

The inmate she directed the derogatory remark at said that he and she had a history of not getting along, and that he had directed many insults at her. The woman denies the allegations against her and says that witnesses are conspiring.

Every wrongful termination case has its own set of issues. To sort those out, those involved in a wrongful termination case can get the advice of an attorney.

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