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There’s no place for sexual harassment in your workplace

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2014 | Sexual Harassment

As a worker in Los Angeles, you don’t have to stand for sexual harassment. You shouldn’t face discrimination for being a woman in the workplace or simply because of the way you look. California is an at-will employment state, which means that you can be fired you for any or no reason, but your rights against discrimination and sexual harassment are protected. You may choose to pursue a lawsuit against your employer if he or she was harassing you or permitting harassment of you to occur in the workplace.

In 2011 the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission had over 11,000 complaints about sexual harassment by colleagues and supervisors. But harassment is illegal no matter which state laws allow you to be terminated at will. If your employer made you uncomfortable due to a sexually suggestive environment, inappropriately touched you or made suggestive comments to you while you were working, you do have some legal options you can pursue.

While sometimes these cases are resolved by the employer being required to train employees about their rights to be free from discrimination and harassment, that’s not the only thing you could get out of your case going to court. You may be able to seek damages for your lost wages and suffering on top of making those who employed you get more training on what is and isn’t acceptable in the work place.

As a victim of sexual harassment and discrimination, you have many options ahead of you. If you want to learn more about your legal rights to representation and protections, click here. You don’t have to face your struggles alone.

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