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Is your faith a basis for discrimination at work?

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

When California workers hear about discrimination, they often automatically think of employment discrimination based on race or gender. The truth is, discrimination comes in many forms, and workers can be treated differently by employers or team members for any number of reasons. Discrimination may be linked to things such as age, medical issues, pregnancy and even military service.

One type of discrimination a surprising number of people deal with is discrimination based on religion. California is a diverse state with residents from all types of backgrounds, which means workplaces are likely to include individuals of varying religions. It’s important for employers to understand that these individuals are afforded equal treatment under the law.

For both employers and employees, understanding what religious discrimination looks like is helpful to reducing such behavior in the workplace. Legal counsel can work with employers to reduce allegations of discrimination based on religion by assisting with compliance and training. On the employee side, professional assistance can include evaluation of a case to help understand whether discrimination is at play.

Whether individuals feel they are experiencing religious workplace discrimination or companies are trying to protect themselves against such allegations, legal assistance may be warranted. Religious discrimination is a serious conflict that can impact an individual’s entire life. In some cases, employees lose opportunities, promotions or even their jobs due to discrimination. Sometimes, a well-meaning employer risks his or her business because of discrimination in the ranks.

By understanding the legal ramifications of discrimination, you can protect yourself or your company. From legal counseling and mediation to work in the court room, fighting discrimination cases with the help of someone experienced in the law often makes more sense than going it alone.

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