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August 2014 Archives

How is sexual harassment legally defined?

Most everyone is aware that sexual harassment is illegal in the workplace. However, many may not be aware of what the legal definition of sexual harassment actually is. Sexual harassment, according to the Fair Employment and Housing Act, is defined as "harassment based on sex or of a sexual nature; gender harassment; and harassment based on pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition."

California employees sue SpaceX for violating labor laws

Many of our readers are familiar with Elon Musk and his Hawthorne-based rocket manufacturer Space Exploration Technologies Corp. While SpaceX, as it's known, may be focused on the future of space travel, according to recent lawsuits, its employment practices are not keeping up with current 21st century employment laws.

Appeals court rules against California company in FMLA case

A federal appeals court ruling against a California-based company could impact other cases involving the Family and Medical Leave Act and specifically how FMLA-related notices are sent to employees. The case was brought by a woman who worked as an instructor for Corinthian Colleges Inc., which is headquartered in Santa Ana.

Does an employee's depression qualify for FLMA?

With actor/comedian Robin Williams' suicide reportedly due to depression, more attention has been shed on this very real mental disorder. Depression can affect all aspects of a person's life, including their work and career. Some who suffer from depression do so silently. Others may approach their employers for time off through the Family and Medical Leave Act.

California worker: Employer took bathroom videos of female staff

In an ideal work setting, Los Angeles employers would be fully compliant with laws that protect workers' rights. Unfortunately, some companies still bend or break the rules, sometimes blatantly. The difference is that victims of harassment and discrimination know they have legal protections and are exercising their employment rights.

Workers filing family-leave lawsuits

The balance between work and family is one of the biggest considerations for modern American employees. For many, the amount of paternity leave, maternity leave and other family support benefits are critical when choosing an employer. At minimum, people want to get the benefits guaranteed to them under the Family and Medical Leave Act, known as FMLA. If they don't, they may file lawsuits, which is happening more often.

Wrongful termination suit claims Hanford officials retaliated

California employers have a lot of flexibility in hiring and firing practices. Some Los Angeles workers may be surprised to know many employers don't need a strong reason or any reason at all to terminate an employee. That's part of living in a state with "at-will" employment rules where, barring any job or union contract to the contrary, employers pretty much have free rein over when and why to pink slip someone.

U.S. Senate looks at paid family leave

The shape of the employment world is rapidly changing, with employers and employees scrambling to keep up. Employers want to offer key benefits to stay competitive in securing and retaining the brightest people in global markets. Employees want to balance work and family. The latter consideration in the United States is significantly affected by the Family and Medical Leave Act. It details employer and employee rights and responsibilities with regards to family leave. The United States Senate is looking at how paid leave is a part of that.

California judge certifies workers’ class action against Apple

An employer's expectations may be directly in line with federal and California employment laws. Some companies have more generous policies than provided by law. Unfortunately, it's more common to hear about businesses that violate workers' rights, including misclassification of employees and skimping on wages and rest breaks.

Scientist files wrongful termination suit

The term "young earth" refers to the belief that Earth began thousands of years ago as opposed to millions of years ago. A scientist in California specializes in exploring the young earth contention with microscopic evidence. He claims that his work unjustly led to his dismissal from a university and has filed a wrongful termination suit.

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