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June 2014 Archives

California Catholic school sued over firing gay teacher

Workers under protected classes designated by state and federal employment laws may not be discriminated against by Los Angeles employers. In California, it is illegal for employers to mistreat workers due to sexual orientation. Provisions within the Constitution permit religious groups to bypass the rules that apply to secular employers.

Allegations of retaliation against whistleblowers investigated

Employees who communicate legitimate complaints about things they claim are improper at their workplace are supposed to be legally protected from any kind of retaliation. However, sometimes that retaliation is alleged to occur in spite of legal protections, resulting in whistleblower protection cases. One such case is currently being investigated by U.S. Office of the Special Counsel.

Age discrimination alleged in California talent agency suit

Older employees can offer Los Angeles employers a high level of experience to complement new ideas from younger workers. Ideally, employees at different life stages work together to help companies reach their goals, but the ideal isn't always the reality. Some older workers are treated like dead weight.

County looks into ways to address sick leave abuse

Employers often face a dilemma when their staffing needs conflict with leave requests from employees. On the one hand, they need to consider the legal ramifications of the Family and Medical Leave Act, commonly referred to as FMLA. On the other hand, they need to make sure that employees aren't using leave requests to take advantage of the company.

California court readies for deputy's ethnic discrimination case

Individuals sometimes have strong, negative beliefs about people from other countries that carry into a workplace. A Los Angeles employer can be guilty of ethnic discrimination when these personal opinions influence hiring decisions and the treatment of employees. Employers also are responsible for permitting unchecked discrimination among workers to foster a hostile environment.

Family leave case involves maternity leave

Balancing family and work is very difficult, as millions of young fathers and mothers will affirm. Typically, parents employed outside the home find that the demands of work preclude them from fully addressing family needs. Laws like the Family and Medical Leave Act are meant to help.

California sexual harassment suit names Catholic high school

Have you ever heard someone make a sexually offensive comment and follow it up with "I'm just kidding?" The offender not only tries to justify bad behavior but attempts to turn the tables and say that it's the victim's fault for being "sensitive." Sexual harassment for amusement can be vicious and. It is also illegal in California workplaces.

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