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Professor plans to file wrongful termination lawsuit

In this age, there is no reason for an employer to wrongfully terminate an employee, however, this continues to be a problem in states throughout the country.

An adjunct professor who previously worked at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga, California, has plans to file a lawsuit against the school for wrongfully terminating his employment.

The man claims he was fired on Nov. 20 but was not given any explanation by the college as to why he was let go. He feels the school fired him because he previously complained about a staff member having sexual relations with another employee.

Helping the man’s cause is the fact that the California Teachers Association has provided him with the funds necessary to consult with an attorney regarding his case. A union rep, in an email made public by the professor who was terminated, contacted the school’s president questioning why the man was terminated. “Immediate and compelling reasons” are required to justify a faculty member being removed from the classroom before a semester is over. Evidently, no such reason was provided.

Making the situation even more complex is the fact that the professor’s students were negatively impacted by the decision, with many noting that his firing was disruptive due to the fact that it came right before final exams. One student noted, “He was terminated a week before he went through a review for our final and that was very unfair.”

This wrongful termination case is just now beginning to heat up, but more details will come to light as things continue forward. Employment law attorneys are available to assist anybody who feels they have been wrongfully terminated from their position.

Source: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, “Chaffey College professor to file suit against school for wrongful termination” Neil Nisperos, Dec. 13, 2013

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