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Man awarded settlement due to “no beards” policy

Many employers think they are doing the right thing by instituting policies, such as those that prohibit employees from having a beard or dressing a particular way. While they may not be intentionally attempting to harm an employee or applicant, this is exactly the way things come across.

There are many car dealerships in the state of California, just the same as other areas of the United States. Even though this discrimination case did not originate in California, it is one worth paying attention to.

An employer in New Jersey with a “no beards” policy has recently reached a settlement with a Sikh man who was not given a job he was qualified for because he would not shave his beard due to his religious beliefs.

An Equal Employment Opportunity Commission statement noted that the man applied for the job of a sales rep at Tri-County Lexus in Little Falls, New Jersey. However, since he wore a beard and a turban due to his religion he was not offered the position.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that this was a case of religious discrimination, and as a result they helped negotiate a settlement between the applicant and the employer.

Even in today’s age when most employers are well aware of what they should and should not be doing, discrimination lawsuits and settlements are extremely common. Anybody who feels they have been discriminated against as an employee or job applicant has the right to contact an employment law attorney who can protect his or her rights.

Source:  The Press-Enterprise, “WORKPLACE: Sikh man wins discrimination case over beard” Jack Katzanek, Nov. 26, 2013

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