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Hospital sued for wrongful termination

Regardless of the industry or location of the company, employees are wrongfully terminated more often than they should be.

Our California readers will find this story interesting, as it hits close to home. A former employee at Lodi Memorial Hospital is suing for wrongful termination as the result of reporting a physician for sexual harassment. The woman filed a complaint in San Joaquin County Superior Court, claiming she was fired as the result of reporting that she was sexually harassed by a medical director.

In her 30-page complaint, the former employee details several instances of harassment, including a final incident when the doctor “smacked her with his fully opened hand on her buttocks.” This led her to file a report with the human resources department. She also noted that the management for the hospital is aware that the doctor has a bad reputation for being a “dirty old man.”

While it took a while for the woman to finally report the man for sexual harassment, she notes that the problem had been ongoing for several years. In one case, the doctor asked the woman to join her in a “sleep room.” When contacted by the media, the doctor declined to comment on the pending lawsuit.

Many people shy away from reporting another employee for sexual harassment, along with a variety of other concerns, because they believe it will lead to their dismissal, even though this should never be the case. Anybody who has been wrongfully terminated should consider legal options for a variety of claims, such as lost wages and employment or emotional distress.

Source:, “Wrongful termination alleged against Lodi Memorial” Keith Reid, Nov. 26, 2013

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