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Man may get job back after wrongful termination

There is little more disappointing than a wrongful termination. If this happens to you, it can be difficult to come to grips with what happened. Fortunately, those who have been wrongfully terminated can take steps toward getting their job back.

Our California readers often keep up with wrongful termination lawsuits in their home state, however, there are many others throughout the country that offer plenty of good insight. In the state of New Jersey, a former police offer may regain his former position in the near future.

An administrative law judge ruled that the former police officer was wrongfully terminated due to an argument with a superior within the department. In the 10 page decision, the judge notes that the man was insubordinate, however, it was added that terminating the man’s employment was inappropriate due to his past on the job record.

Wrongful termination lawsuits can drag on for many years. This case was first brought to light in October of 2012, detailing the argument between the officer and his superior regarding the disposal of a street sign that had blown over. A review of police records found that outside this one incident, the man never had an on-the-job issue in his 13 years on the force. Along with this, he also received the top score within the department on the police sergeant’s test. According to the officer, he was being discriminated against for his Latino background.

At this time, the man is not yet allowed back on the force because the decision has to be upheld by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission.

In this case, it appears that the police officer was wrongfully terminated. While there is no excuse for insubordination, this was the first blemish on the man’s record since being hired by the department.

Source:  News 12 New Jersey, “KIYC: North Bergen officer to be rehired after wrongful termination” No author given, Oct. 28, 2013

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