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Author sues university for workplace discrimination

Even though discrimination should no longer be a concern in today, it happens throughout the country on a regular basis. While some people don’t take the steps necessary to fight back, others realize that they need to stand up for themselves by doing whatever it takes to protect their rights.

Gina Nahai, a well known author from Los Angeles, California, is suing the University of Southern California (USC) because she was passed over for a promotion for the job of assistant professor of the Master of Professional Writing Program. According to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Nahai claims that the school has derailed her career as a direct result of her standing as an Iranian Jew.

The university is named in the lawsuit, along with the current director of the school’s master of Professional Writing program. According to the school, the claims made by Nahai are without merit.

Nahai has been an adjunct professor within the department since 1999. In the lawsuit, she makes claim that she has been seeking to be promoted for the past five years, when the current director took over in 2008, but that she has been denied the chance to become assistant professor despite her many accomplishments. Even more so, she feels that instead of advancing her career that director reduced her overall responsibilities.

Along with everything else, Nahai noted that the director has been hostile in the past, including off color remarks regarding her ethnicity and faith.

This claim of workplace discrimination is a big deal. Not only is Nahai a well-respected professional, but she is suing one of the most well-known universities in the world. As the case moves forward, more information pertaining to her employment, dating back nearly 15 years, will be brought to light.

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