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Employee files discrimination suit against soccer club

In today’s business world, one would think that wrongful termination concerns should no longer be an issue. After all, companies are more educated today than ever before regarding what they should and should not be doing in terms of hiring and firing practices. Unfortunately, there are still companies that toe the line.

A councilman serving the area of Rancho Sana Margarita, who is also a candidate for the state assembly, claims that his time commitment to the California Army National Guard was one of the reasons why he was fired from his position with Sarco Inc., a company doing business as 123eWireless in the state of California.

The councilman has filed a wrongful termination against the telecommunications product manufacturer, where he worked as a salesman, because he feels he lost his position due to his time commitment to the National Guard. He also believes it was due in part because of his complaints about illegal business practices.

After being hired in November 2011, he served in the military in Afghanistan from April to September 2012. According to his complaint, upon returning to the position, his primary clients had been given to another employee.

The man also claims he was harassed by the company president for attending mandatory drills with the National Guard.

His complaints do not stop there. The lawsuit states that the harassment increased after requesting two weeks off during April 2013 to participate in military training. Upon sending a reminder to his superior, as well as the human resources department, he was fired shortly thereafter for being away from the office for a period of three hours.

Every American has the right to work without the fear of being wrongfully terminated. In this case, it appears that an employee may have been fired due to his time commitment to his country.

Source:  Rancho Santa Margarita Patch, “Petrilla Sues Former Employer for Wrongful Termination” Martin Henderson, Sep. 10, 2013

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