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Former lab technician files wrongful termination suit

From the outside looking in, many people have a difficult time understanding the ins and outs of a wrongful termination lawsuit. However, these cases are more common than some people believe. This is particularly true in highly populated states, such as California.

A former lab technician, working at a California winery, has filed a wrongful termination and workplace retaliation suit against her former employer. She believes she was fired from her job after complaining about the cleanliness of work space.

The woman, 55, had worked for the winery for more than 20 years without any issues. Unfortunately, this came to a grinding halt when the woman alerted her employer of what she considered unsanitary working conditions.

The plaintiff claims she made it known to her supervisor that there was both mold and rat droppings in her work space. According to the California Code of Regulations, employers must keep a clean, orderly place of employment. It also states that any issue which could negatively impact an employee’s health and well-being must be corrected immediately.

Rather than deal with the issue, the woman’s supervisor allegedly retaliated by not offering her overtime hours. In November 2011, she was fired from her job.

The plaintiff is hoping to receive compensation for lost wages, emotional distress, and humiliation. In somewhat of a surprise move, she is also requesting reinstatement so she can continue to work her previous job. This wrongful termination case is set to begin in August 2013.

Do you feel you have been wrongfully terminated by your employer? If you have any reason to believe this, it would be in your best interest to contact an experienced wrongful termination attorney. This person can discuss the details of your termination, and help you decide if filing a lawsuit, with the hope of recovering money for damages, would be in your best interest.

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