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Female firefighter discrimination case is a big win for women

It is a shame to think that discrimination is still a problem; however, this appears to be the case in many industries from one side of the United States to the next.

Fortunately, some people are not afraid to step up and take on those who are holding them back. This is exactly what happened recently in Long Beach, California, when a group of female firefighters decided to step up and fight for their rights.

For many years, female firefighters in this city were forced to use portable toilets and change clothes in hallways. The reason for this was simple: The city refused to provide women with facilities of their own. That is until one engineer stepped in and took things to the next level.

Not only did the lack of facilities hinder the performance of the women currently working as firefighters, but it discouraged others from applying for open positions.

While the women who filed the case have declined to comment, the city has agreed to make some changes to suit their needs. Last month, for example, they agreed to upgrade 24 fire stations with separate facilities for the nine female firefighters currently on the job.

This agreement has put an end to the federal lawsuit as well as a separate state lawsuit filed by three female firefighters who alleged sexual discrimination. The city is also set to pay nearly $50,000 in attorney fees along with upgrading to protective gear fitted for women.

Have you been a victim of discrimination at your place of employment? Rather than sit back and hope things get better in the future, it is time to contact an attorney who can bring your case to light and help improve your situation without any further delay.

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