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Des Moines Airport approves wrongful termination settlement

The Des Moines Airport Authority board recently approved a wrongful termination settlement in the amount of $275,000.

A former employee who was fired in 2011 for a security breach came out on top in his battle with the Des Moines Airport Authority board.

A former marketing coordinator was at the center of the case. In 2011, he escorted a friend through a secure area with the intention of helping him obtain a boarding pass for an upcoming flight.

Due to the nature of his act, the Transportation Security Administration was forced to remove all passengers from the plane and subsequently rescreen them. In today’s age, this is commonplace.

Earlier this year, a Polk County District Court judge came to the decision that the airport, as well as the Des Moines Civil Service Commission, the organization which rejected the employee’s appeal to keep his position, were unable to prove that the former employee was attempting to help his friend skip through security and/or travel without a boarding pass.

The Des Moines Airport Authority board has settled with the employee, paying him lost wages of $100,000, as well as a payment of $175,000 for not returning to his former position.

The settlement has been approved, and it appears that this case has finally come to an end. The Des Moines Airport Authority board has yet to discuss the outcome publicly, and it is not likely that it will.

Do you feel you have been wrongfully terminated? If so, you should contact an attorney who specializes in these matters. You may be able to receive compensation for back wages as well as other damages. If nothing else, a consultation with an experienced attorney will help you understand your rights and allow you to move forward in the appropriate manner.

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