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Storage Wars star on losing end of wrongful termination lawsuit

The popular television show Storage Wars has gone a long way in putting A&E back on the map, while also helping the members of the show share some time in the spotlight. However, former start David Hester is finding that his lawsuit against the television network is costing him quite a bit of money.

Hester was fired last December, claiming the show was rigged by placing valuable items in storage lockers.

Hester lost his first court battle related to his wrongful termination suit. In addition to the loss, he has been ordered by a Los Angeles judge to pay $122,692 worth of legal expenses to the defendant.

Earlier this year, the network was also successful in its legal battle against Hester when L.A. Superior Court judge Michael Johnson decided to dismiss his wrongful termination suit for not being clear enough.

Hester continues to claim the network and television show made him appear less skillful by manipulating the outcomes of the auctions.

A&E has come out on top time and time again. The judge feels that the show contains expressive speech, which is therefore protected by the First Amendment.

The battle between Hester, a well known buyer of storage units, and A&E is not yet over. There are many other claims in the lawsuit, including breach of contract. Along with this, Hester is in position to collect additional evidence and then re-file this claim.

While Hester may not have much of a case at this point, there are many who have been wrongly terminated and deserve to receive compensation for their trouble. If you feel you have been fired without reason, contact an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who can help you file a claim against your former employer. As the terminated party you may be able to collect compensation.

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