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Former LAPD Officers Request Review For Wrongful Termination

Forty former police officers of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) have taken up Police Chief Charlie Beck on his offer to review the files of officers who believe they were wrongfully terminated from the force.

Former officers should have received a letter from LAPD’s Gerald Chaleff detailing the steps that must be taken to request a formal review of termination. A former officer requesting review of his or her termination must submit documentation as to why the personnel file should be reviewed within two months of receiving the letter from Chaleff.

The review comes on the heels of the murder-suicide rampage by a former LAPD that gripped Southern California earlier this year. Christopher Dorner claimed that he had been wrongfully terminated by the LAPD three years ago and that the department was plagued by racial bias and favoritism.

Dorner killed four people and injured three others until he was found dead near Big Bear; reports of the manhunt cite the cause of his death as suicide.

While no one is calling Dorner a hero for his violent actions, many are agreeing with his statements of corruption within the LAPD. The disciplinary review system, called the Board of Rights, are just extensions of the Chief rather than impartial review panels.

The LAPD has notified all former officers that it is unable to reinstate those who were fired from the department more than three years ago, based on the city’s charter. If you have concerns over your rights after being let go from your job for illegal reasons, an employment lawyer in your area can help you understand if you have a legal case against your former employer.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “After Dorner claim, other fired LAPD cops want cases reviewed,” April 29, 2013

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