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Racial Discrimination, Sexual Harassment Suits Against LAPD

Police Officer Earl Wright of the Los Angeles Police Department was recently awarded $1.2 million by a California jury for the years of racial discrimination and harassment he endured on the force. The jury took less than four hours to side with Wright and find the City liable for damages related to the harassment and discrimination claims.

Two women – one who formerly worked for the LAPD and one who is still an officer for the department – will share a $1.25 million settlement that was recently approved by the City of Los Angeles. The women asserted that they were both repeatedly sexually harassed by their LAPD supervisor.

Retired Officer Linda Gotham and Officer Lynn Whitey claimed that they were sexually harassed at least in part because of their sexual orientation. Both are openly gay. The women both repeatedly dealt with inappropriate comments from their supervisor in the Van Nuys division.

The LAPD seems to be in the news frequently related to payouts in employment discrimination and harassment claims and lawsuits. In the last 10 years, the City of Los Angeles has paid out close to $45 million dollars on employment discrimination and harassment claims coming from the LAPD. Six and seven figure verdicts and settlements have become what seems to be the norm from a department tasked with protecting the rest of us from illegal actions.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Lesbian LAPD officers settle harassment suit for $1.25 million,” March 20, 2013

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