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Housekeeper Claims Wrongful Termination After Back Injury

Angelica Castillo is fighting back. A former housekeeper for Sharon Stone, Castillo is asserting in a wrongful termination lawsuit against her former employer that she was fired because an injury she suffered while on the job limited the tasks she was able to complete. According to the wrongful termination and retaliation lawsuit, Castillo hurt her back while carrying groceries into her employer’s residence.

The former housekeeper’s doctor advised her to limit what she did during the course of her workday. Castillo informed her employer that she required modified duty while she gave her back the chance to heal but claims that she was harassed, called names and told to continue working as usual by her employer.

Castillo was injured in June and fired by October 1 of the same year. She had worked for Stone just over two years when the alleged wrongful termination occurred.

This is at least the second lawsuit Sharon Stone has faced from a former employee. A housekeeper and nanny for the Hollywood star filed a separate lawsuit against Stone in the spring of 2012.

A wrongful termination lawsuit can be brought against an employer if he or she fires you based on a protected reason, such as your gender, a disability, your sexual orientation, your religion, your request for an accommodation for a disability, your race or taking approved medical leave. If you are unsure whether you were fired for an illegal reason, an employment lawyer in your area can help you determine whether you have a case for wrongful termination.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Ex-Housekeeper Claims Sharon Stone Fired Her Over Back Injury,” March 11, 2013

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