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Workplace Harassment Of Gays And Lesbians By LA.’s Finest

by | Jan 19, 2013 | Uncategorized

Sergeant Ronald Crump is walking away from his job with the Los Angeles Police Department in return for a $1.5 million dollar settlement of harassment claims recently approved by the LA City Council. Crump had complained that while he was part of the LAPD’s media relations unit, his supervisor, Lt. John Romero, had made inappropriate comments about Crump’s sexuality.

Romero’s actions had created a hostile work environment in media relations, claimed Crump, for both gay and lesbian police officers. Crump addressed his concerns directly with Romero, but nothing was done.

In 2009, Crump lodged a formal complaint with the LAPD related to Romero’s perceived harassment. After returning from vacation, Crump was reassigned to the 911 unit and then to Skid Row, in retaliation, he claimed for reporting Romero’s behavior.

He then filed a lawsuit, alleging that he was being targeted for harassment and discrimination based on his sexual orientation. The case came to trial last summer. The City offered testimony of several witnesses to attack Crump’s character, but to no avail.

A jury found in favor of Crump and held the LAPD and the City of Los Angeles accountable for the sexual orientation-based harassment and discrimination. The City Council recently approved payment of close to $1.5 million to Crump in full settlement of the harassment claims, including attorney’s fees.

Source: Frontier Times, “LAPD Sgt. Ronald Crump Finally Gets His $1.5M,” January 16, 2012

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