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Change In Shifts Or Denial Of Regular Shifts May Be Pregnancy Discrimination

A female bartender and server at an Arizona bar began noticing that her shifts were being cut and she was no longer being scheduled for her ‘normal’ shifts after she announced that she was pregnant. She, along with two of her pregnant coworkers, was denied the lucrative shifts because management felt the customers didn’t want to look at a pregnant waitress.

After working for the same bar for over a year, the woman couldn’t believe what was happening. She attempted to talk to management about her concerns – that she was being treated differently because of her pregnancy – but she was consistently blown off.

The shift change created a substantial loss in earnings for the Arizona server, enough that she was only able financially to take a month away from work after the birth of her son, rather than the two months she had initially intended.

At the insistence of family, the Arizona waitress filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleging pregnancy discrimination. It’s a workplace problem that’s more common than it should be, according to the EEOC. In the last 10 years, the number of pregnancy discrimination cases reported to the EEOC has gone up by almost 35 percent.

In the Arizona case, the restaurant bar opted to settle, paying the new mother $15,000 while denying any illegal behavior. Keli Kozup is now working at another Arizona restaurant and encourages other women who have experienced pregnancy discrimination in the workplace to speak up and stop the wrongful conduct.

Source: AZ Family, “Victim in pregnancy discrimination speaks exclusively to 3TV”

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