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January 2013 Archives

Stop Sexual Orientation Discrimination By Federal Contractors

In his inauguration speech earlier this month, President Obama reflected the sentiment of many throughout the United States related to discrimination based on sexual orientation: It needs to be stopped. "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law," the President noted.

An End To Gender Discrimination In The U.S. Military

Change has come to the U.S. military. First, by stopping the don't-ask-don't-tell policy and stopping discrimination based on sexual orientation and now allowing women to serve in combat roles, ending years of gender discrimination among our fighting forces.

Excluding American Idol Contestants For Prior Criminal History

A formal request to sue has been made to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) here in California on behalf of at least nine former American Idol contestants who believe they were the subjects of illegal discrimination based on race. The attorney for the ousted contestants claims that, over the show's 12 seasons, 10 would-be-starts were eliminated from the show because of problems with prior criminal history.

Workplace Harassment Of Gays And Lesbians By LA.'s Finest

Sergeant Ronald Crump is walking away from his job with the Los Angeles Police Department in return for a $1.5 million dollar settlement of harassment claims recently approved by the LA City Council. Crump had complained that while he was part of the LAPD's media relations unit, his supervisor, Lt. John Romero, had made inappropriate comments about Crump's sexuality.

Does Less Than A Year In Adult Films Mean No Future In Teaching?

A former teacher with the Oxnard School District was fired last spring when school officials learned that she had spent nine months working in the adult film industry prior to taking a job as an intermediate school science teacher. The school board unanimously voted in April to fire the teacher.

Former Riverside Health Officer Accused Of Sexual Harassment

A former First 5 Riverside employee brought a sexual harassment lawsuit against the County alleging that a former Riverside public health officer had made inappropriate comments to her during the course of her employment. Pamela Luna notified her superiors at First 5 of the harassment and improper behavior but claimed that she was the target of retaliations for her complaints.

Change In Shifts Or Denial Of Regular Shifts May Be Pregnancy Discrimination

A female bartender and server at an Arizona bar began noticing that her shifts were being cut and she was no longer being scheduled for her 'normal' shifts after she announced that she was pregnant. She, along with two of her pregnant coworkers, was denied the lucrative shifts because management felt the customers didn't want to look at a pregnant waitress.

Does Crowdsourcing Violate The FLSA?

Maybe. One former laborer for Crowdflower, one of the major players in the crowdsourcing market intends to find out. He is asserting in a recent wage and hour lawsuit filed against Crowdflower that those individuals from the crowd who completed work for the company were in fact employees and should be entitled to at least minimum wage for their efforts.

Burger King Franchisee Settles Sexual Harassment

Just last week we posted about the higher incidence of sexual harassment in the workplace experienced by teen employees. This week we're discussing a sexual harassment and retaliation settlement by one of Burger King's largest franchisees. Guess who were among the majority of plaintiffs in the harassment suit? Teen workers.

Job Hinged On Acceptance Of Sexual Advances, Alleges Former Cadet

At 19-years-old, Alma Chavez began working towards her dream job. She started as a cadet for the Irwindale Police Department with the goal of one day becoming a sworn peace officer. According to Chavez's attorney, Lt. Mario Camacho knew this and used that information to coerce her into accepting his unwanted sexual contact.

Marijuana In The Workplace? It's Likely Not Protected By The ADA

Until the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is amended, marijuana use will not be a protected activity and employers can enforce drug-free workplace policies that may interfere with the use of medical marijuana without committing disability discrimination. At least that's what it appears the Ninth Circuit reasoned in recent decision.

Teens In Retail, Restaurants Often Face Workplace Sexual Harassment

Older coworkers may be targeting teens in the workplace for sexual harassment, according to the recent results of a study completed at the University of Illinois. Particularly those high school-aged employees working as servers, hosts, cooks or other restaurant position and those who work retail are more likely than their adult coworkers to be the recipient of harassment in the workplace.

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