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Sexual Harassment Suit Filed Against State Assembly Candidate

Michele Cordova recently filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former employer, State Assembly candidate Patricia Kotze-Ramos and her husband George Ramos. Cordova alleges that while during the course of her eight-year employment history with Diversified Risk Management, Inc. and Employer Choice Online Inc, two companies owned by the Ramoses, she was sexually harassed and discriminated against before being wrongfully constructively terminated in April.

While the timing of the lawsuit filing so near to the election has led some to question Cordova’s true motives in disclosing the alleged sexual harassment and the veracity of her claims, the 24-page complaint details several instances of wrongful conduct by her employers.

Included in the allegations of sexual harassment were:

  • Inappropriate conversations related to Cordova’s undergarments
  • An encounter with Ramos in which he asked Cordova to pay him back with sexual favors for her job
  • Unwelcomed touching

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) prohibits sexual harassment as well as protects employees from retaliation for reporting sexual harassment in the workplace.

Cordova’s lawsuit covered additional claims of employment law violations including a failure to accommodate a disability or to engage in the interactive process to determine a reasonable accommodation.

The Ramoses deny all of the claims made in Cordova’s recently-filed lawsuit, claiming that she is simply an unhappy former employee.

Source: Hews Media Group, “Lawsuit Alleges Sexual Harassment Against Assembly Candidate Kotze-Ramos”

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