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Sharon Osbourne Says NBC Discriminated Against Jack For Disability

Jack Osbourne revealed earlier this year that he had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is a nerve condition that can have very mild symptoms like numbness or tingling in the limbs or symptoms as severe as paralysis. Jack was slated to appear on NBC’s upcoming reality tv show, “Stars Get Stripes” until NBC learned of his MS diagnosis.

At least according to his mother, Sharon Osbourne, that is. She has come out strongly in Jack’s defense claiming that he is the victim of disability discrimination by the network.

NBC denies discriminating against Jack based on the MS diagnosis, noting that the planned reality show involves military-style drills and that all star had to go through a rigorous medical vetting process before participating.

Jack was reportedly notified by email two days before the show began that he would not be part of the cast. Again, NBC denies this and says that Jack was offered two roles on the show and declined both.

The allegations of disability discrimination have caused problems for Sharon and NBC, the network that puts on “America’s Got Talent.” Sharon Osbourne has been a judge for America’s Got Talent for six years, but her continued presence on the show is in doubt.

She has promised to finish out this season but whether she will come back remains to be seen. She is reportedly under contract with America’s Got Talent, but has publicly threatened to leave the show after the network acted in what she believes to be a discriminatory manner against her 26-year-old son.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Sharon Osbourne-NBC spat comes amid talent-show upheavals,” August 6, 2012

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