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Burbank Police Officer’s Harassment Claim Turned Down, Appeal Likely

For the first time in three recent separate cases involving the Burbank Police Department in California, jurors found in favor of the department rather than with the plaintiff. This particular case involves sexual harassment and employment discrimination said to be perpetrated against Burbank police officer Cindy Guillen, whose trial began in May.

At the trial’s recent conclusion, the Los Angeles jury decided against her, finding that she did not suffer discrimination.

This after the judge disallowed the jury from considering Guillen’s claims of harassment based on her gender and race. Maria Hsin, reporting for the Burbank Leader, does not say why exactly the judge excluded this testimony from the jury’s consideration.

Guillen had claimed that a police sergeant said he’d “bend her over” if she didn’t keep quiet about her claims of harassment. In addition, a second sergeant was said to have “stalked” her and asked her out on dates on multiple occasions. Neither sergeant was disciplined, although one retired after having been found to have “failed to maintain a proper relationship with officers,” based on an internal investigation.

Guillen is said to be the first Latina hired by the Burbank Police Department, a department with 15 women officers (with 157 total officers).

Without the testimony regarding Guillen’s claim for harassment based on her gender and ethnicity, the jury considered only the pregnancy discrimination claim and retaliation. An appeal is likely, according to Guillen’s attorney.

Source: Burbank police officer to appeal jury’s discrimination lawsuit decision

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