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Barker’s Beauties To Include Male Model For A Week

The Price is Right is conducting a search for the first male model to work alongside female show models on the popular game show. Once nicknamed “Barker’s Beauties,” back when Bob Barker was the show’s host, this will be the first time that the formerly all-female cast of models has included a man.

Whether the change is to address claims of discrimination based on gender at the CBS game show or to move past former show models claiming that they were sexually harassed while working on the show is uncertain. What is certain is that viewers of the game show will have a chance to choose who they want to see as the first male model on The Price is Right via an online competition.

Gender discrimination is prohibited in the California workplace. Men cannot be discriminated against based on their gender just as women cannot be subjected to employment discrimination because they are female.

Discrimination based on gender can happen during the application process – a male or female applicant may be improperly passed over for another candidate of the opposite sex – or during the course of employment. Issues that come up in gender discrimination claims often include:

  • Being passed over for a promotion or a pay raise because of your gender
  • Being fired because of your gender (wrongfully terminated)
  • Being compensated at a lower rate than coworkers of the opposite gender doing the same or similar work

Before filing an employment discrimination lawsuit, a claim typically must be filed with the EEOC or California DFEH. An employment law attorney can help you take the right legal steps to fight discrimination in the workplace.

Source: Yahoo, “‘Price is Right’ looking for the right male model,” August 15, 2012

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