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Best Western Pregnancy And Gender Discrimination Claims Settled

Two hotel groups recently settled pregnancy and gender discrimination and harassment claims with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC claimed that a manager who worked for both groups fired five women after finding out that they were pregnant as well as harassed and belittled women who worked for him.

Season Hotel and Pacific Hospitality, who control the Best Western Evergreen (previously the La Quinta Federal Way) and the Best Western Tacoma Dome, agreed to properly train employees about workplace discrimination and harassment and pay $365,000 to settle the claims. A manager who worked at both hotels was accused of verbally attacking female employees, deriding them for their religion, using physical force to intimidate female employees and making sexually-explicit comments.

Among the comments endured by female employees were suggestions that their beliefs in religion and God were unfounded and unrealistic as well as the suggestion to more than one female employee that she have an abortion.

“Rather than being allowed to work, they were threatened, screamed at, subjected to sexist and racist slurs by upper management and had their religious beliefs belittled. Federal law protects employees from this type of degrading mistreatment,” noted Attorney William R. Tamayo of the EEOC’s San Francisco District Regional Office.

As part of the settlement, the offending manager is to be immediately fired and two women who were improperly fired must be rehired.

Source: University Place Patch, “Best Western Tacoma Dome Owner Settles Federal Harassment Lawsuit From EEOC,” Brent Champaco, July 5, 2012

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