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Bill Waldo Quoted in PEOPLE On Travolta Sexual Harassment Suit

Amid rumors that John Doe #2 in the sexual harassment and sexual battery lawsuit against John Travolta was moving into mediation, Doe #2’s lawyer emphatically denied that was going to happen. Instead the lawyer promised a fight, but one that would protect his client, an alleged sexual assault victim, from unfair public judgment while allowing him to pursue legal remedies related to the harassment.

“[M]ediation is an attempt to settle the case without a trial,” explained attorney Bill Waldo of Bononi Law Group. Waldo is not involved in the sexual harassment case against Travolta.

“[B]oth sides could agree to a private trial instead where all proceedings would be confidential,” further noted Waldo.

Two men have anonymously filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against John Travolta, requesting $2 million each as compensation for alleged sexual assault and battery. The men are professional masseurs and were hired to massage Travolta, one man in Beverly Hills and the other in Atlanta. Both men claim that Travolta propositioned and sexually harassed them during each massage.

A third alleged victim – a former cruise ship employee – has also come forward, claiming assault and harassment by Travolta. Fabian Zanzi asserts that Travolta exposed himself to Zanzi while on a Royal Caribbean Cruise out of Miami. Zanzi further claims that Travolta offered him $12,000 to have sex with him during the 2009 cruise.

Travolta and his attorney have strongly denied any claims of wrongdoing and have provided evidence that Travolta was not in Beverly Hills at the time John Doe #1 is alleging a sexual assault took place. But, Doe #2’s lawyer continues to assert that the evidence will prove otherwise once his client’s privacy is protected and he is given the chance to prove his allegations in “a full trial with a private judge.”

Source: People, “John Travolta Will Face ‘Hell of a Fight’ from Second Accuser, Lawyer Says,” Ken Lee, May 14, 2012

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