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Glendale police officers alleged national origin discrimination

Three Glendale police officers of Armenian descent recently filed a national origin discrimination and retaliation lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The officers allege that they were retaliated against for filing an earlier workplace harassment lawsuit. The officers’ 2010 lawsuit alleged that the officers faced several years of retaliation, harassment, and other forms of discrimination due to their national origin.

The latest lawsuit filed by the police officers centers around allegations that the police department abused its administrative leave policies to retaliate against officers who spoke out about discriminatory practices.

One officer claims that he was put on administrative leave after he reported discriminatory practices and that his supervisors required him to remain in his home from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during his entire leave. He also alleges that he was ordered not to speak about any misconduct at the police department.

Another officer said that he has been placed on administrative leave for over a year without explanation after he defended officers who complained about discrimination or unfair work practices.

All three officers allege that they were passed up for promotions due to their national origin and that the department purposefully lowered its educational standards to hire less qualified candidates for higher positions.

Glendale City Attorneys say that the complaints in the most recent lawsuit simply rehash the allegations of the first lawsuit and that the city plans to vigorously challenge both actions.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “3 Armenian police claim discrimination by Glendale department,” Mar. 8, 2012

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